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Brooklyn Industries H Bag

February 25, 2011

I had a job interview just a few days ago that required me to sit on a bus  for about an hour. Let me tell you, when you have to sit on a long bus trip you want everything with you that will make it go quicker. The Coated Canvas Large H Bag from Brooklyn Industries is what I use when I have to pack a lot into a compact bag. I was able to carry all the essentials as well as an iPod, Kindle and a pair of heels that I could change into once I reached my destination. All the compartments and pockets make it very easy to keep organized and tidy. What is amazing about this bag is that it is big and roomy, yet is compact and very stylish.  These bags are incredible tough and sturdy. They really can take a beating and still look great. Also it is covered under their Lifetime Bag Warranty, so that if anything happens to damage this bag, it will be repaired. The Large H Bag is my got to bag when I have to go anywhere and have to carry a bunch of things. I have found the perfect bag. Now if only I can find the right job for me(ahem, check out my resume).

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