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In A Clutch

September 17, 2010

I love clutches, but they are not the most practical handbag out there. They can be a little awkward to carry around and you have to shove your essentials tightly into the bag. You really have to figure out how you are going to fit everything into that itty-bitty bag. Pansy Maiden clearly has  had this problem and has come-up with a great stylish solution. The Hands in My Pocket clutch  can be worn several different ways  that allow a flexibility that you normally do not find in a clutch. It can be worn by sliding your hand through the front band; add a strap and it is a wristlet; wear it as a simple shoulder bag, or slide it through a belt and wear it at your waist. I just love a bag with a lot of options. My favorite part about this clutch? Check out the inside

Lots and lots of pockets! I love a bag with lots of pockets. Another great thing about this bag is that it is eco-friendly, made with organic materials and for those that care, it is vegan. You can look great and still be kind to Earth.

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