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My, What A Pretty Clutch

March 21, 2009

Clutches seem to come in two types style. Either they are simple and plain or the are over bedazzled and just not practical for everyday use. Why, oh why, can’t we find a clutch that will work for everyday. Does one of these mythical bags not exist? Well, Becky Oh has heard the cry and she has answered it with her own fantastic designs. The Bolsa is a fabulous pleated clutch that is just perfect whether you use it to run errands around the town or you need a pretty clutch for a night out. These one of a kind bags are room enough to carry all you need for the day and still fit comfortably under your arm or in your hand. The thick strap allows you to wear to wear it as a wristlet, thus freeing up your hands for more important tasks, like holding a drink and a plate. You will find that you will want to use this beautiful bag everyday, no matter where you go and what you have to do. And all the time you will say “thank you Becky!”

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