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Cold Snaps and Hats

November 21, 2008

The temperature has really dropped here in Philly, so I have had to bring out my box of hats. I have many hats, all different shapes and colors. One for every occasion it would seem. I don’t think that I have met a hat that I would not love. But I do seem to have a few favorite hats that I wearing over and over again.

This hat I fell in love with at a friend of mines’ store. I put it on jokingly, but I just could not take it off. It just seemed “me”. It just suited me. Everywhere I go, I have gotten complements on it. Everyone from the business woman walking down the street, the school girl waiting for the bus and, yes, even the hipster guy I buy my coffee from. People are just drawn to the hat. Maybe because it seems so homey. It is just a woven hat with some felt sewn on to make a flower with a little button in the center of the flower. It looks like something my grandmother would make. And that, quiet frankly, is possibly it’s charm.

Now here is my crazy fun-loving hat. This is a hat that screams pay attention to me!! I can walk into a room  where I do not know anyone and I will suddenly be surrounded by people. Everyone wants to know where I got the hat. It is just so over the top and fun. It is almost  Mickey Mouse meets Hildagard at a rave. While most people just see the pompoms and the two braids, I think the color is just fantastic. The turquoise and brown are very sophisticated choices and it balances out the wild nature of the hat. I can’t feel like a wallflower when I am wearing this wild burst of creativity. My only regreat is that I did not buy the matching scarf at the time

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